Our approach


Change is constant, that's a fact. There is no exact formula, 'one-size fits all' approach to making change happen. We believe that delivering effective change is both an art and a craft.

At Marbral we hire only the finest and most experienced people to represent us. We like to consider our change practitioners as artisans, carefully shaping a vision and plan, that will successfully transform an organisation through change. 

Change is personal and happens on an individual level, one step at a time. To succeed in change, you must make change wanted, make change happen and then make change stick.

That’s a mantra that Marbral stands by.


How we work


Marbral offers an alternative approach to resourcing that provides flexibility, great value and significant return. 

The Marbral approach is to provide clients with the option to switch resources as the project requires. Call upon senior-level resources at the strategy phase and shift resources as you reach implementation.

When you choose Marbral to support your change, you will notice the speed at which our team embeds value into your organisation. Hire Marbral to support your organisation and you will see our impact is immediate. We will get to the heart of the issue and we won’t prolong our presence any longer than is necessary.

A flexible support model


Change as a service
Outsource your change portfolio or function to us, enabling you to focus on your core business

Capacity Support
Allow us to add extra capacity to your change team for short-term assignments

Capability Support
Use our experience to support key pieces of work such as developing and implementing roadmaps; process mapping and skills building

Specialised thinking
Leverage our expertise for business-critical thinking in specialist domains (change strategy development; service design etc.)



Our values


Being extraordinarily excellent and effective at what we do, and happy to share our knowledge and skills


Working with discipline in a timely manner


Able to think of ingenious ideas that are relevant and pragmatic and sustainable


Having grace under pressure, particularly at time when others would be losing it.


Producing results right first time - all the time.

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Collaborative by nature, we're curious to learn, work and develop with like-minded people.


Our People | Team

We hire only the finest people to represent us.

Our team are certified practitioners, instructors and change architects who are passionate about delivery. Experts in our field, we are always looking ahead at new trends and practices.

Unlike other practices, we are totally independent of any technology suppliers and are unbiased in our assessment of any digital solution.

Our approach is anchored in industry standards, which allow us to provide more concrete applications and solutions.

Research driven | Delivery focused


Meet some of our change superheroes

Jo Buchanan
Head of Communications

Dawn Rutherford
Acting CEO

Jason Olver
Head of Talent Acquisition


Martin Bralsford
Non-Executive Director

Chazha Hick
Change Architect

Our Partners

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Dayzero® is a Portuguese cybersecurity agency whose goal is to help companies protect themselves from cybercrime, reduce risks online, be compliant with European regulations and participate in the digital transformation of their operations, processes and business.

Most recently, Marbral Advisory has been working with Dayzero to create a Portuguese version of our GDPR Playbook Do It Yourself Guide™. This has ben widely accepted within the Portuguese market and our partnership goes from strength to strength.

. . . . . . . .

We've been working with the Project Management Cookbook for several years now to deliver the Project Management in 12 Hours course to those seeking to learn more and apply the fundamental skills and tools of project management. 

The Project Management Cookbook forms part of the Business Cookbooks range, which delivers the basics of project management in a condensed  format that centres around the planning of a dinner party. The book illustrates methods that stick, using practical examples and memorable case studies.

. . . . . . . .

Lean Six Sigma Training Ltd. has been supporting our Lean Six Sigma Academy with a range of engaging courses teaching the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma from Yellow through to Master Black Belt. 

Most recently, their lead trainer, John Dennis has been working with Marbral Academy to deliver an online e-Learning solution. In response to our clients' exact needs, we welcome a new approach to teaching this valuable tool to support process reengineering and delivering efficiencies in any organisation. 

. . . . . . . .

TSG provides assurance and testing services, complemented by training and resourcing to to organisations that are changing or replacing their IT and Business systems and are seeking to achieve implementation success in the quickest and most efficient manner with minimal impact on their people and processes. 

Marbral has instructed the expert resources of TSG for many projects over the years and is excited to be developing a new testing capability framework that will offer clients a new approach to identifying their exact needs around testing and quality assurance. 

. . . . . . . .

The Knowledge Academy is the world’s largest and most established provider of training courses globally, with extensive experience of providing quality-infused learning solutions - with the capability to deliver over 30,000 courses, in 1,200 locations, across 200 countries.

The Knowledge Academy has been our first choice for delivering our certified GDPR Training at Foundation and Practitioner level status. They have also supported us with face-to-face delivery of our GDPR e-Learning course, for those who prefer this learning style to an online experience.

. . . . . . . .

ProSolver Solutions look at improving both the quality and speed of daily problem-solving and their product ProSolver® offers a simple technique that all employees throughout an organisation can adopt to solve issues around process design, in fact any day-to-day business decision.

Marbral Advisory has been working with ProSolver® for a number of years to deliver a simple approach to tackling not only process orientated decision making, but in fact every decision an organisation might face, in a clear, cohesive and simple fashion.

. . . . . . . .

Would you like to become our next partner?
Join the Marbral ecosystem and enjoy everything that comes from working with a dynamic, global team who are passionate about change, get in touch now and let's find the opportunities, together. 


Our Clients

We love our clients, fact. 

We'd like to say the feeling is mutual, but what we do know, is our clients choose us, because we offer a clear and effective path to change.

Our aim is to deliver a clear solution that makes sense. This may include immersing ourselves in their world to truly understand their environment and people. It may involve training their people in the latest skills to support change, be that the latest change and project management methodologies, or with more bespoke courses such as management fundamentals and tolerance to change. 

In essence, our clients love us, because we offer belief, energy and vision to make change happen.