Blockchain heralds a new era…

Let’s learn, up-skill and build


Blockchain heralds a new era - one where trust is automated, tampering is stamped out, and privacy built-in. Due to Blockchain with its many benefits, we are witnessing the formation of new business models, along with further decentralisation of organisations as layers of management disappear. Significant changes to the skills and talents needed in the workplace are now required across numerous industries.

Regulators are actively consulting on how to control and manage the risks of adoption of distributed ledger technology. They know that blockchains offer unique abilities and we are seeing electrifyingly fast industry adoption as they race against the competition to reduce costs, increase productivity, and preserve privacy.  Vital changes to risk frameworks are necessary now. 

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Blockchain Academy and Marbral Advisory partner to offer training expertise for businesses implementing blockchain technology, a complete training solution via workshops, masterclasses and eLearning.