Blockchain Basics e-Learning

give us 90 minutes and we'll explain blockchain
and how it works in a business context

Ever wanted to know what Blockchain is and how it works in the context of business operation? Blockchain technologies are still in their infancy, but they have the potential to have a revolutionary and very disruptive effect on our world. Some say this will be even bigger than the internet. This e-Learning course offers a tour through Blockchain and explains the strengths and weaknesses of this technology. It discusses how Blockchain works with popular cryptocurrencies, why it's essential to understand in our digital world of today, and how it can be applied.

Blockchain Basics incorporates this online course and a practical face to face two-hour workshop. You can complete both, or just one of them, depending on how deep you want to go into this technology- each will help you to think about the application to your organisation. If you haven't yet completed the practical workshop and you'd like to attend a public course these are running in a number of international locations. They can also be run in-house if you prefer.  

aimed at:

  • People interested in learning how Blockchain actually works.

  • Those who are totally new to the technology with NO technical knowledge or experience who want a practical, interactive explanation about Blockchain.

  • Anyone who is already up to speed on the high-level concepts of Blockchain, but wants to see how it actually works.

  • Those looking for inspiration on how Blockchain might work for them.

learning outcomes:

  • How Blockchain actually works.

  • How to confidently communicate the impact of Blockchain to colleagues.

  • How privacy and confidentiality are addressed in the Blockchain.

  • How to practically apply the concepts to your own business challenge.