It's time to address the elephant in the room

Duration: 1-hour

Ideal for: Anyone who manages a team or needs to give challenging feedback to a colleague. 

Session outline

It's human nature not to want to upset or alienate others. Often, when issues arise between individuals, across teams and even within an organisation, we choose silence or worse, we complain to others. We can even avoid direct contact with those we believe are either causing or exacerbating an issue.

Many of the issues that arise between individuals, across teams and in an organisation are enflamed by a lack of clarity and understanding around facts and a consideration of different perspectives. It’s important to consider how feedback will be received. It’s common to underestimate a person’s response or even the fact that they sense there is an issue at all. Conversely they may feel uncomfortable about discussing an issue for fear of reprisal.

Being able to articulate feedback effectively and promote a feedback culture is a skill. It can open the lines of communication, create mutual understanding and promote transparency. In fact, shining a light on an issue can raise awareness, enable choice and drive effective behaviours.

This session provides valuable guidance and a structured approach to delivering challenging feedback to others. If you manage a team or need to give challenging feedback to a colleague, then this is your opportunity to address the elephant in the room!


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Explain why feedback is an essential part of everyone’s role
  • Identify potential causes of challenging behaviours
  • Use a structured approach to prepare and deliver challenging feedback

Course structure and content

  • Barriers to feedback
  • Johari window – the place for ongoing timely feedback and for disclosure
  • Identifying root causes of behaviours
  • The role of our emotional brain
  • Rules of the road for feedback
  • Objective vs. subjective feedback
  • Preparing and structuring challenging feedback