Change enablers

a flexible support model

Change as a service
Outsource your change portfolio or function to us, enabling you to focus on your core business

Capacity Support
Allow us to add extra capacity to your change team for short-term assignments

Capability Support
Use our experience to support key pieces of work such as developing and implementing roadmaps; process mapping and skills building

Specialised thinking
Leverage our expertise for business-critical thinking in specialist domains (change strategy development; service design etc.)

project management

Our team are experienced in setting up and running PMOs (Portfolio/Programme/Project Offices), which add real value to your business.  We focus on making your portfolio work for you, by delivering measurable high quality results and business benefits, on an ongoing basis. If you are embarking on projects to deliver digital change, we can help.

change management

Marbral offers certified change managers adopting industry leading methods that can guarantee the chances of success for your organisation are increased significantly. To ensure your change projects deliver successfully, we can assess your likelihood of project success, help identify where there are gaps, and work with you to build solutions that will bridge the divide.

business analysis

Marbral can provide qualified business analysts to support your organisation, either through the delivery of business analysis training or onsite support. In terms of business analysis as a service, we engage with key stakeholders and obtain their buy-in to so that they understand the purpose of the project and how it will be of benefit to them.


If you are transforming your organisation, chances are you will be upgrading systems to support the transformation. In this instance, testing is an essential aspect of your change. Our aim is to enable your teams to deliver, so when we leave, you won't notice. We can develop a test strategy and process that is appropriate to your business needs and respects the skills of your team.