Change management for project managers

Duration: 2.5 hours

Ideal for: Anyone managing a project who is looking to improve the way they communicate and encourage change in others.


Session Outline

The Change Management for Project Managers workshop is highly practical and provides information, techniques and advice for Project Managers. 

Change Management requires carefully planned communication and teamwork between the technical experts, the project management team, functional business experts, executive management and end-user.

Successful implementation of change is dependent on the commitment of each of these groups to identify and communicate what is changing, when it is changing and why it is changing.


By the end of the workshop you will have learned key concepts about leading successful change and the interaction between Change Management and Project Management. The programme will prepare you to:

  • Explain the link between project management and change management
  • Identify the root causes of project failure and how this links to ineffective change management
  • Describe the essential components of successful change
  • Consider your role as Project Manager in leading change and what you need to start, stop and continue doing

Course structure and content

  • What is change management
  • The difference between change management and project management
  • Why projects fail
  • The integration of change management and project management
  • The roles and responsibilities of a change manager and a project manager
  • The methodology and plan – comparing the processes
  • The ability to articulate why change management is helpful
  • The holistic approach to change management and project management to deliver change success