Coaching services

Change is all around us and the pace is speeding up. As leaders and managers, sometimes we need support. Whether this comes from our manager, a trained internal specialist, or a trusted external professional.

The support provided by coaching is recognised to be one of the most effective ways of accelerating individual and team performance.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.
— Coaching for Performance - John Whitmore

At Marbral, we facilitate the process of helping both individuals and teams to raise their own awareness of where they are now and also to take responsibility to move things forward. We provide a confidential coaching service from private facilities at the 08 Hill Street Executive Offices. 

Fran Bisson, our head of people in change leads this service. She is passionate about supporting individuals through change and is driven by helping people achieve personal growth and their full potential. 

How we help

  • Consider and clarify your longer term aims and goals – support you to prioritise and set your short term and actionable performance goals
  • Explore your current situation and thinking – identify any barriers that may be hindering your progress
  • Take a new perspective - fine tune your personal effectiveness, management and leadership skills, and increase your self-awareness
  • Consider the way forward – enable you to identify and explore options to move you towards your performance goal(s)
  • Take a proactive approach – enable you to identify the areas you can control and influence, helping you to park the areas outside of your control
  • Enable you to choose the best options for you personally – action plan the steps you are going to take to achieve success, creating realistic but inspiring plans for growth
  • Follow up – discuss progress, provide feedback, celebrate your successes and support you with challenges that may have delayed your progress