Coaching others through change

Duration: 2 hours

Ideal for: Anyone leading a team or supporting an individual through change

If you lead a team of people, you will understand that enabling change in others is a skill. The good news is that, this is a skill that can be taught!


Session Outline

As change becomes the norm in the workplace, the manager's role becomes more important. When change happens, employees seek guidance and reassurance from their managers. This course will prepare those leading others through change, to support their team. It will show them how to predict typical reactions and minimise disruption and resistance. 


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify what drives organisational change
  • Describe what makes change challenging and the reasons that change fails
  • Identify the emotions associated with change and the behaviours this may generate
  • Assess your personal response to change and the impact this can have on others
  • Describe the essential components of successful change programmes
  • Consider your role in leading others and what you can do to support individual transitions

Course structure and content

  • External and internal factors driving change
  • The change process
  • Obstacles to successful change
  • Components of successful change
  • Managing change at an organisational and individual level
  • Steps to enabling effective individual transitions