How to apply a coaching style 

Duration: 6 hours

Ideal for: Anyone looking to enhance their management style

The value of using a coaching approach in today’s workplace is now recognised as one of the most powerful tools to grow the individual, foster engagement and to drive performance and results. 


Session Outline

Today’s multi-generational workforce, do not expect or appreciate a command and control style of management in the workplace. In fact, the retention rate when you ‘tell’ someone something is significantly lower from when they have had the opportunity to engage and think for themselves.

Being able to use a range of different styles is key, and coaching is one of the styles highly successful managers use regularly. Coaching is about helping others explore options and to finalise the way forward. It is about helping people to help themselves.

This course will provide you with the fundamental building blocks to coach both yourself and others.


By the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Identify the factors that enable you to build trust and rapport with others
  • Describe and use the fundamental skills for a coaching style of management
  • Explain and use the T-GROW coaching model

Course structure and content

  • What coaching is and its benefits
  • Using informal and formal coaching
  • Understanding yourself and others
  • The fundamental skills needed for a coaching style
    • Questioning techniques
    • Three levels of listening
    • How to build trust and rapport with others
  • The T-GROW model
    • Setting the scene
    • Creating long term goals and shorter term performance goals
    • Exploring reality and options for the way ahead
    • Agreeing the action plan
  • Skills practise