Communication in change

Creating a vision for change

Our clients often ask us to support them in creating a vision for their change. They recognise that change acceptance only happens when their people can understand the change. That comprehension comes from communication.

We create powerful visual communications for a virtual world to engage people with visions, understand complex ideas and digest data. This could be in performance reports, roadmaps or board pitches for new products and initiatives.

When you are ‘in’ the change it can be hard to decipher what’s most important

If you are leading a change project, you are often so immersed, it can be hard to see the bigger picture and interpret your audience’s feedback. Marbral offers a fresh perspective to your change programme and can transform complex, often detailed messaging into easy to interpret dialogue. We respect that learning styles and communication preferences vary from individual to individual. We will design a communication to respect those differences and deliver it according to your preferred channels.

A picture can paint a thousand words...

Sometimes our clients have the messaging in mind, but can’t convey it in an illustrative form. Our in-house design team can transform your content into engaging visuals that will achieve your objectives. We carefully respect branding, so you can adapt the content for future projects. Keeping with our ethos of sharing our knowledge and expertise, we can also provide training in designing campaigns and presentations.