Cultural change

The secret ingredient to change success

Are you trying to build a different ethos around ‘how we do things around here’?

Is your organisation growing through merger or acquisition and focusing on aligning processes and technology at the expense of people and culture?

It's a common occurrence for organisations to miss the importance of culture when embarking on or embedding change. As the management guru Peter Drucker said many years ago, “culture eats strategy for breakfast” – will your plans get you to where you want to be?

Your organisation's blueprint

When you define a strategy or plan, it's vital you consider your organisation's culture.

If your current culture is incompatible with your vision or strategy, it’s unlikely you’ll fully realise your vision of the future. Changing people’s mindset and behaviours is hard, especially when things have been the same way for some time.

To transform your culture, will require a practical and formal change programme. Marbral can help you transform abstract aspirations into practical change plans.

We can help you determine whether you need to change your organisation design, build skills in certain areas or help you design more engaging communications to facilitate maximum employee understanding and engagement.

Looking holistically at your culture is the only way to be sure all change levers are in alignment and being used to maximum effect.