GDPR Playbook (Premium)

GDPR Playbook (Premium)


The GDPR Playbook Do It Yourself Guide offers a step by step guide to GDPR compliance. It includes a five module series which, when carried out in sequence, walks you through the things that you need to consider, and produce, in order to comply with the GDPR. It offers a perfect solution to those who need to design their models with privacy in mind.

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The Playbook is complemented with webinars to bring the tools to life and help you in making the decisions that are right for your organisation.

At the end of each module, you will be invited to book a 15-minute, 1:1 appointment with a GDPR qualified Practitioner. Get answers to any questions or queries that may arise as you progress through each module.

What's included?

The Premium Playbook goes further than the Basic by supplying up to twelve hours of dedicated support from a GDPR practitioner. You can book by the hour from your block of twelve hours. This will support you to embed your GDPR activities within your organisation. Within these hours you can also request additional services to support your GDPR project. If you are a business with limited project capability and support, the Premium Playbook is for you.

What’s covered?

Module One | Awareness and Introducing Risks

Get up to speed with an awareness of the GPDR, introducing risk assessments, and also the next steps you will need to carry out in order to comply. This module will introduce the key concepts of the GDPR and how to start designing your approach to compliance.

Module Two | The DPO Role and Processing Records

When you begin your GDPR project, you will need to consider whether to appoint a Data Protection Officer. You will also need to capture a record of all the personal data you are processing. This module will help you with these decisions, provide a job description for the DPO role [if required] and support you to fill in the templates you need, to complete your processing records.

Module Three | Personal Information Processing

Certain registers of data handling must be kept and regularly updated. This module supports the creation of these and how to handle them. For example, you will need to know who you are transferring data to, where you are receiving it from and why, as well as what systems you are using to do this.

Module Four | Key Processes to Protect Personal Data

Some specific techniques for handling and safeguarding personal data are set out in the GDPR. This means you need to consider your current set up and how this may need to change or be strengthened in order to comply. This module will cover these techniques and provide tools to help you.

Module Five | Developing and Maintaining your Paper Shield

Document, document, document! The GDPR requires you not just to say you have complied, but prove it as well. This module takes you through all the different elements you need, to build up your paper shield.

Webinars and Course Library

The modules are completed in a sequential order to guide you from simpler concepts to the more complex. You may not need to carry out all of the steps, but in order to assess this, we have webinars and templates to help with some of the decisions and to walk you through the key areas.

How it works

  • 120 Lessons

  • 2 Webinars

  • 24 Templates

  • 4 Assessments

  • 12 hours dedicated support from a GDPR practitioner

  • 5 bite-size sessions of 15-minutes with a GDPR practitioner

Why choose the GDPR Playbook Do It Yourself Guide® for your organisation?

Support you every step of the way

A step by step formula to work on the various compliance activities. Five modules are worked through in a logical sequence. Useful for those not sure where to begin, or who need more information in certain areas of the GDPR.

120 Lessons | 24 Templates | 3 Webinars

The Playbook is fully comprehensive including 120 lessons to support you in your understanding and compliance of the GDPR, videos to bring the regulation to life and downloadable templates to record and complete your work.

Easy to use tools and downloads

Document templates that are pre-written with videos to help you complete them. Assessments you can carry out online and registers you can use for recording and managing key areas in your organisation.

Dedicated one to one support

Book regular check-ins with our GDPR practitioners. Use your allotted consultancy ( 12 hours) for anything your organisation needs. If you need more support, additional hours can be booked at preferential rates. You can control your budget by booking time when needed.

Begin your journey immediately

Purchase the Playbook and enjoy immediate access to the modules, templates, webinars and assessments. Working in a defined sequence, we will carefully support you in your journey towards GDPR compliance.

Access to online reports

The Playbook includes three online assessments, each of which generates a report that is emailed to you to store for your records.

Carefully crafted content

Our content is based on Supervising Authorities' good practice guides, tools, techniques and advocated methodologies.

Perfect for start-ups and entrepreneurs

The GDPR Playbook offers a perfect solution to those who need to design their models with privacy in mind.

What happens when I purchase this course?

Before you complete your purchase, you will be invited to complete a short registration form. We will use the details supplied to create a new user login on our learning management system (LMS). When you purchase this course, a member of our team will then process your application and submit the details you supplied on the registration form to our LMS. You will then receive a notification from our LMS ( to create your login credentials, allowing you access to the Playbook at your leisure.


Purchasing this Playbook does not constitute legal advice. Responsibility lies with the Data Controller and Data Processor to ensure that contents and completeness of the training provided by Marbral Advisory meet your organisation’s needs.