GDPR Playbook Do It Yourself Guide™ | Basic


GDPR Playbook Do It Yourself Guide™ | Basic


The GDPR Playbook is a set of modules which, when carried out in sequence, walk you through the things that you need to consider, and produce, in order to comply with the GDPR. 

The Playbook works in a series of five modules and is complemented with webinars to bring the tools to life and help you in making the decisions that are right for your organisation.


What's included

The Basic Playbook includes four hours additional support from a GDPR practitioner. Use this time for whatever you need. Book these hours online once you have made your purchase. If you have a GDPR project team in place, ready to scale your activities and support you through the process, the Basic Playbook will be your best solution.

The sign-up process to this e-Learning course

When you purchase this e-Learning course, a member of our team will process your application and submit your details to our learning management system (LMS). You will then receive a notification from our LMS to create your login credentials, allowing you access to the e-Learning course.


Purchasing GDPR Playbook Do It Yourself Guide™ does not constitute legal advice. Responsibility lies with the Data Controller and Data Processor to ensure that contents and completeness of the training provided by Marbral Advisory meet your organisation’s needs.