Cultural Change

For many organisations, the GDPR will enforce a significant amount of change. Be that in amended processes, policies and ultimately a shift in the way 'you do things'. As such, you will need to consider how to achieve these changes within your organisation's culture. The GDPR is not just about updating your documentation, it's about transforming working practices and bringing the matter of privacy and data to the forefront of everyone within your organisation.

When considering change, it is important to note that it is a personal emotion, that affects everyone differently. To bring about successful change in an organisation, requires buy-in and embeds one person at a time. 

Our cultural change approach is multi-faceted, starting with basic awareness and building on this until each and every individual understands what GDPR means for them. 

We aim to answer the question: “What's does it mean for me?” by devising tailored training to support your organisation to both prepare for and sustain GDPR compliance.

We utilise our standard templates and models to build awareness and address the key signs of resistance.