GDPR Training

The GDPR has now enforced. It's vital that organisations continue their journey towards GDPR compliance. Whatever the size of your organisation and stage of readiness for the GDPR, we have a range of tools and training solutions to support you.

GDPR Certified Training

We have partnered with the largest global accredited training company to provide foundation and practitioner level GDPR training. The provider delivers training solutions to corporate, government agencies, public sectors, multinational organisations and private individuals. Learn from the experts how the EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR) will affect your organisation. 

about the venue

All courses are held at 08 Hill Street Executive Offices, a fully facilitated training venue, located in the heart of St. Helier, Jersey. 

Delegates will enjoy a sandwich lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day.

GDPR Test your Knowledge

GDPR. You know it's coming, but how well do you understand it and more importantly, how ready is your organisation to becoming compliant?

We've created a short multiple-choice quiz to test your knowledge of the GDPR. We'll reveal the correct answer as you proceed, so you'll measure your knowledge of the GDPR and learn along the way.

GDPR Readiness Assessment

Assess your organisation's readiness to the GDPR

Having a good understanding of what the GDPR entails is a great start on your journey to GDPR compliance. However, your organisation will need more than just an understanding of what GDPR involves. It will need to fully review its data. Understand how it is structured, how it flows, where it is located and stored and most importantly what it contains.

We've compiled a short quiz to help identify how ready your organisation is to the new regulation. Based on your assessment, we'll email you useful guidance and tips to support you in the journey to GDPR compliance.