Our approach to testing in change

Our aim is to enable your teams to deliver, so when we leave, you won't notice.

Develop a strategy based on appropriateness and experience

Immersing ourselves in your working practices, we will develop a test strategy and process that is appropriate to your business needs and respects the skills of your team. 

Provide tools and templates that support the test strategy

We prepare ‘How to…’ documents that your teams can use to guide them through testing activities during each stage of the project lifecycle.

Coaching your project teams to challenge process

Working closely with your project teams, we will help them to consider what is the most appropriate approach and time to test within each project lifecycle. All too often, testing is considered too late, hurried or not properly thought through. We will coach your team to consider what, when and how they should test. 

Updating and celebrating with key stakeholders

We will deliver regular updates to senior management to demonstrate progress to date and highlight the team’s success.