What is Artificial Intelligence - AI?

a 60 minute e-learning course that will explain ai and how it will impact the way in which we work. 

Artificial Intelligence or AI is becoming a big thing and is already assisting us in ways we may not even realise. This short e-Learning course looks at the exciting area of Artificial Intelligence. It discusses the astonishing applications of this technology and some of the challenges and risks we will face. It also covers what AI means for the future of our jobs, our economies and ultimately our society.  

The e-Learning course is split into six sections and includes a final assessment to measure your understanding of this technology. Upon completion of the e-Learning course, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Marbral Learning Academy.


What's covered:

  • What is AI?
  • How will AI affect us?
  • The dilemma of using AI
  • What does AI mean for our jobs?
  • Useful glossary of terms

Aimed at:

  • People interested in learning more about Artificial Intelligence
  • Those who are totally new to this technology who are keen to understand the different applications of AI
  • Those looking for inspiration on how AI might work for their organisation