skills takeaways

Foundations of management programme

Duration: 20 hours

Ideal for: Anyone who is new to or has limited experience of managing others.

Session Outline

Effective management and leadership are fundamental to the success of any organisation.  Yet, many managers have never received any formal management training. Are you one of those managers?

The Foundation in Management course is aimed at for those who are new to or have limited experience of managing others. This programme will provide the fundamental skills and behaviours required to manage in the 21 Century. 


By the end of the programme you will have achieved more than twenty tailored learning objectives; enabling you to both explain and to put into practice the foundations of effective management. These will include the ability to:

  • Describe the role of a 21 Century manager
  • Identify the factors that shape someone’s personal ‘Map of the World’
  • Explain techniques to manage and control your emotions more effectively
  • Deliver praise and developmental feedback using the AID model
  • Identify how you can influence motivation and engagement within the team
  • Identify and demonstrate the most appropriate response when dealing with a challenging conversation
  • Actively action plan those areas you can have direct or indirect control over

course structure and content

The programme comprises three separate days of facilitated training, together with a one hour pre-programme briefing, a psychometric test with one hour feedback session, and a one hour one-to-one coaching session, delivered over a two-month period: