Introduction to non-functional testing

Duration: 2-days

Ideal for: Anyone looking to understand more about user acceptance training. 

Session outline

This session that provides an introduction to specifying and testing the quality characteristics of software-intensive systems. Based on industry best practice, the course includes real-life examples of projects. The course will provide an introduction to non-functional testing as a set of activities throughout the software lifecycle.

course structure

  • Non-functional requirement definition and static testing
  • Performance testing (including response times, load, scalability and stress testing)
  • Supportability testing (including portability, compatibility, install-ability and inter-operability testing)
  • Security testing (including threat modelling, attacks and penetration testing)
  • Usability testing (including heuristic evaluation and accessibility testing)
  • Dependability testing (including reliability, availability and maintainability testing)


  • Define non-functional attributes and what should be considered
  • Outline risks for the different stakeholder
  • Explain how to work more effectively with business analysts and developer
  • Learn how to leverage their skills for the benefit of their organisation