Organisation Design

Are you in good shape?

If you thought organisation design began with drawing boxes on an organisation chart, you'd be wrong. It’s a common mistake, and often driven by a desire to see something tangible, as quickly as possible. Resisting the urge to start drawing lines and boxes ensures you approach organisation design as a strategic rather than tactical approach to change.

Stay ahead of the competition

Get your organisation design right and you will be able to quickly respond to competitive threats and market opportunities by having the right people, in the right place, doing the right things.

Structure for strategy

Marbral can help you build the right organisation structure for your business strategy, whether you’re looking to build on current strengths, grow in new or emerging areas or realign resources.

Our structured methodology will ensure a fair and consistent approach to designing and managing organisation change. Working alongside you, we can build a quality standard that takes into account legal and regulatory requirements, and provides a toolkit and internal capability for current and future organisation design needs.