People change

It happens one step at a time

Are you, or your team experiencing change? In today’s VUCA world (Volatile Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous), change is near constant. Your employees’ ability to respond positively will almost certainly be the deciding factor in your success or failure.

The problem is, change is personal, and emotional. As a species, humans have learned that the most effective way to ensure their survival, is to control their environment. So what happens when change comes along and disturbs the status quo? Fear, confusion, resistance. All normal human reactions. Just not particularly helpful when trying to drive organisation level change.

Even when change is desired and self-driven, knowing what to expect and how to navigate the transition can be tricky.

Marbral offers a number of targeted services and skills sessions to support your employees through organisational change, or plan proactively for individual changes associated with their career and personal development.


Marbral offers coaching on a 1:1 basis or as part of a wider team. Fran Bisson, our head of people in change is passionate about supporting individuals through change. She is driven by helping people achieve personal growth and their full potential. 

Ideal for anyone who:

  • Has identified a behavioural change you would like to make
  • Would like some support thinking through a major decision
  • Seeks to re-evaluate life’s priorities
  • Wants to deal with a challenging situation or relationship
  • Needs to maximise an existing strength


Marbral offers psychometric testing to measure motives, preferences, needs and talents using the Saville Consulting Wave® questionnaire. These tests are invaluable for raising self awareness and planning for future development.


Marbral can provide diagnostics to help support you to develop a high performing team. Through facilitated development and coaching, we can improve clarity, collaboration, commitment, purpose, innovation, energy and resilience within a team. Other benefits include reduced conflict and increased team performance.

If your organisation has recently restructured and created newly merged teams, or you have created a new management team, we can support the transition to bring real benefits to your organisation. We deliver a bespoke, tailored solution to help build resilience and skills in your key people to manage and coach others through change.