When only the best will do

Delivering successful change is a craft. You need people leading and running your projects to possess experience in the latest project and change management methodologies. You need to be able to rely upon them to deliver your projects on time and within budget.

When searching for those bright stars, it can feel as if the talent pool is limited. So, what options do you have to source change talent, on your terms and timescales?

Consider a different approach to resourcing your change projects

Are you finding it a challenge to resource your change projects with specialised individuals who will support your business and projects on a temporary basis?

As change management specialists, our team are well versed in delivering complex change projects across various platforms and can provide flexible solutions to support you and your business.

The Marbral approach is far more cost-effective and flexible too.

Consider the Marbral approach

For the cost of hiring one person to fulfil your vacancy, by adopting the Marbral approach, you are instead able to access a team of change professionals with a wide range of skills and experience, who can help you complete your project quicker and with a greater guarantee of success.

Call upon a more senior consultant during the early stages of a project and then switch to another member of the team to support you with the ongoing delivery and maintenance. Instead of being committed to just one person, charging one fee, we can fit the resource profile around your changing requirements.

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