Test strategy and planning

Duration: 2-days

Ideal for: Anyone looking to define a test strategy and complete a test plan for their project.

Session outline

This session that provides an introduction to designing a test approach and planning testing on a project. Based on industry best practice, the course includes real-life examples of projects. By the end of this course, delegates will be able to confidently determine the most appropriate test approach for the project. In addition, they will be able to complete a test plan for their project. 


  • Assess project risks and decide on the most appropriate test approach
  • Identify and find the information they need to develop the test plan
  • Estimate the effort and resources required to deliver the plan
  • Identify and document risks, assumptions, issues and dependencies
  • Create a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RACI)
  • Create a project plan and schedule for their testing
  • Design and agree the test environments that will be needed
  • Document the test plan and gain approval from the stakeholders
  • Manage test execution
  • Define and manage the defect management process
  • Prepare progress and completion reports.