Testing capability assessment

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Ready... Steady... Test.

Organisation’s “need for speed” can be hazardous. The accelerated adoption of competitive digital innovations alongside the pressure to ‘go live’ and hurry to the market, presents risk, even for the most high performing businesses. 

This ‘pedal to the floor’ approach diminishes focus on quality so, since cyber security issues are predominantly caused by vulnerabilities in software, there needs to be a new approach.


Fixing after release costs significantly more

The associated fix costs scale, according to the time when the faults are found. It costs four to five times as much to fix a software bug after release, rather than during the design process. Not to mention the regulatory and reputational damage to a business when failures are experienced by customers first hand. 


TSB loses 12,500 customers in wake of IT failure

Bank said it was 'overwhelmed' by fraud incidents following tech problems.

 Think TSB #tsbfail and you’ll understand the need to think again.
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We'll review your testing and provide recommendations

With a fast track, free process, our testing capability assessment will review your current testing competencies across a range of different criteria, and develop a set of recommendations upon which you can plan the roadmap safety for improved release management.

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Quality is not an act, it is a habit.
— Aristotle

How it works

 Our approach to testing reviews is quite straightforward. One of our most experienced test consultants will perform the review in three stages – initiation, discovery and reporting. 

We will meet with all of the key stakeholders in your business to assess the landscape, discuss testing approaches and models and understand what will work best for you.

We will then produce a report showing you where you currently are on the industry standard maturity model and provide tailored recommendations for change, which are both practical and actionable.