Blockchain for Business: Certified Fast-track Training for Professionals

Blockchain for Business: Certified Fast-track Training for Professionals

This two-day course explores Blockchain in an organisational context, including its impact on core operating models and critical processes, the use of smart contracts and more. We’ll also examine decision-making criteria that will allow you to assess the risks, costs, and benefits associated with Blockchain. Over two days, we’ll explore Blockchain in a business context regarding both theory and practical use examples.

Participants will leave with a clear impression of Blockchain’s impact and a toolset for creating strategic management plans regarding this game-changing new technology.

Detailed Syllabus

• Explain what a Blockchain is and how it works under the hood

• The difference between Bitcoin and Blockchain and why cryptocurrencies are so useful

• Understand the different types of Blockchain platforms and which ones to use for specific uses

• Understand how Blockchain wallets work and how to transact

• Understand smart contracts, their application, integration, risks and opportunities

• Trade-offs in using blockchain and how far it solves tricky problems like trust in your business model

• Understand the places where smart contracts are used in organisations

• Techniques for quality assurance

• Interaction between Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and Blockchain

• Economic and incentive models of use

• Regulation of blockchain

• Skill requirements

• Implementing blockchain in the organisation


CXO, Project/Programme Managers / Business Analysts/ Strategy Creators and those wanting to develop a good understanding of Blockchain based Business Models

Your Lead Expert

Our trainer has over 17 years of deep technology consulting and has been conducting training workshops on Blockchain for Business, Ethereum, Hyperledger, Multichain and Stellar for universities and companies in diverse industry verticals in India and abroad. He is assisting various universities in India to launch Blockchain elective courses for engineering students by designing the curriculum and conducting training workshops for faculty members. He has conducted public workshops on Blockchain in collaboration with organisations like Project Management Institute (PMI), Bangalore Chamber of Industry and Commerce (BCIC), Brightest GmbH and Spanish Software Testing and Qualifications Board (SSTQ)

An optional proctored examination from Brightest available at an extra charge if a certification is required.

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