Data Ethics and Information Management

Data Ethics and Information Management

Data ethics is becoming central for information management discussions

Data ethics is becoming an important consideration in the holistic management of an organisations' information management. This includes both private and non-private data and thinking about all the implications of collection, use and disposal. We know, with scandals like Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, that the public backlash from misuse is severe.

Organisations with visionary leaders are now actively commissioning new roles and work in this area. In act, the EU has now released guidelines and organisations are putting these into practice. This short course introduces some of these important issues.

Detailed Syllabus:

This three-hour workshop will:

  • Explore the background to Data Ethics Governance

  • Consider the Data Ethics debate and the legal and philosophical issues

  • Review existing regulation and standards

  • Discuss Public concerns and expectations

  • Take an opportunity to understand

  • Definitions of data ethics

  • Data Ethics Governance

  • Bias and fairness in analytics and algorithmic analysis and assessment

  • Intersection with the GDPR including transparency and accountability

  • Good data handling

  • Frameworks for systems design and deployment

    Mechanisms for participation

Outcome: Delegates will be able to understand the principles of data ethics, the reasons for design as well as the core elements that should be considered as part of wider governance.

Audience: CxO or equivalent senior leaders, HR Professionals, Compliance and Risk Professionals, Non-Executive Directors, those responsible for input to Digital Strategies, Target Operating Models and Business Model Creation.

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Blockchain for Business: Certified Fast-track Training for Professionals

Blockchain for Business: Certified Fast-track Training for Professionals

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