Digital Ethics

Purpose trumps profit. Digital ethics is a competitive advantage.

How do businesses stay in control of decisions in this age of automation? How might emerging trends like blockchain build trust between humans, or not? How do organisations ensure that right from the get-go they are embedding their ethical decision making in their organisational culture and aligning these with their values?

Detailed Syllabus:

This one day workshop includes:

  • exploring central ethical concepts such as privacy, diversity, inclusion, transparency, responsibility, and social justice

  • looking at the business case for digital ethics and why purpose over profit is so crucial to operating models

  • examining an ethical framework to help answer some of these questions.

  • reviewing best practice and emerging ideas in other successful organisations

  • working through a methodology which includes data ethics to support you and your organisation to assess and evaluate your current position,

  • rethink your approach and adopt principles and practices which govern the appropriate and responsible use of technology

Outcome: Delegates will be able to develop a roadmap to embed ethics and assess KPIs to measure success, develop terms of reference for ethics boards and governance structures that work successfully.

Audience: CxO or equivalent senior leaders, HR Professionals, Compliance and Risk Professionals, Non-Executive Directors, those responsible for input to Digital Strategies, Target Operating Models and Business Model Creation.

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Blockchain for Business: Certified Fast-track Training for Professionals

Blockchain for Business: Certified Fast-track Training for Professionals