Risk-based testing workshop

Risk-based testing workshop

Duration: 1 day / 2 days
Ideal for anyone looking to understand more about user acceptance training.

The workshop introduces key concepts behind risk management and how it should be applied to testing. The three basic stages of risk identification, risk estimation and risk mitigation are covered in this workshop.

Based on industry best practice, the course includes real-life examples of projects and includes a series of slides, exercises and practical work. By the end of this course, delegates will have applied the underlying principles of ISO Software Testing standards, to identify which test phases to use and which test techniques to apply.


  • Real-life risk

  • Risks in IT

  • Project management and risk

  • Testing and risk

  • Test management and risk

  • Risk management process

  • Risk identification, analysis and mitigation

  • Selecting risk-based testing technique

  • Risk-based test execution

Introduction to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) 2 day course

Introduction to User Acceptance Testing (UAT) 2 day course