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Marbral Advisory supports organisations and individuals to plan, lead, drive and embed change. We make change wanted, happen and stick; a mantra our people stand by and an ethos that is at the core of what we do. Marbral operates at the intersection between people, processes, and technology and specialises in business change, organisational change and the ‘people’ element of transformation. We have a presence in Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Portugal and Malta. Find out more about us here»


Advisory Services

When it’s business as usual it can be difficult to allocate the time and resources to remain on course to achieving your wider business goals. At Marbral we provide consultancy services to meet this gap and help your organisation to reach its full potential.

Our advisory services have helped to give local businesses and organisations the competitive edge and have unlocked significant gains. We use tested change management methodologies and approaches, as well as our skills and experience, to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions that are right for your situation.

Change Management

Marbral offer a variety of change management tools and techniques to support individual, team and organisational change. We help individuals, teams and even organisations culturally cope with change. We support individuals with change management tools and techniques such as psychometrics, personal development, management coaching and also skills-based training in change management, project management and business analysis. Our aim is to up-skill you to a sufficient level so you can confidently manage change in the future, be that at an individual, team or organisational level.

Project | Programme Management

Marbral offers experience in setting up and running projects, portfolios and programmes of varying size. You’ll recognise the value we can add to your organisation quickly. We employ best practice to deliver projects on time, to budget and with the required level of quality. We can adapt our methods to suit your preferred approaches rather than introduce new or unfamiliar terminology or templates.

Capacity Support

We can help you by engaging the right people for your change project or programme. Marbral Advisory only hires the finest change and project management specialists. Lead your project to success and choose from our talented team to assist you at every stage. Our resourcing model allows you to pick and mix from our expertise. Choose a technical lead at the early, planning stages and recruit a project or technical lead to assist you in the smooth running of your project.

Train your team in skills to support change | e-Learning | Training

Did you know, aside from supplying talent and expertise, we have also written and produced a range of e-Learning courses relating to change? Visit our online shop and choose from a range of short online courses to improve your understanding on the latest transformational change technologies including Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain. Or, if you are new to project management, why not choose from our short courses and learn how to become an ace project manager?

Book one of our change training sessions to host privately

In addition to our range of e-Learning courses, we also offer a wide range of short training courses to deliver in-house at your preferred location. Specialising in organisational change, team change and individual change, we can teach you tips and tricks on how you can lead, coach others, embrace and drive change within your organisation.
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Join our dream team

Marbral Advisory’s growth and potential relies on us hiring the best and most experienced change practitioners. That’s why we are frequently looking to grow our happy team. If you would like to join the #dreamteam visit our careers page to view our current vacancies or apply to join as an Associate. Enjoy flexible working practice on terms that suit you.


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