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About Marbral Advisory - Our mission, values, partners. Leading change management and project management consultancy, advisory service in Jersey, Guernsey and Channel Islands.

Our mission

Our people believe in improving organisations through change. Regarded often as change superheroes, they make change wanted, happen and stick®. Team Marbral has leading professionals with demonstrable track records in all areas of digital, people, organisational and regulatory change. We collaborate with a wide range of clients in the financial services, legal - professional services, government, logistics, technology, utilities, and construction sectors.

We make change wanted, happen and stick®

This is a mantra that our people live by. Change is very personal and individuals’ readiness for change varies person by person. Creating an environment where people understand and accept the change is the first step, then with leading project management methodologies, we plan the change. And finally, the most crucial aspect is to embed the change fully within the organisation, so new practice, technology and processes remain firmly in place for the organisation’s future.


Marbral Advisory values Jersey, Guernsey and Channel Islands.

We abide by our values

  • Being extraordinarily excellent and effective at what we do, and happy to share our knowledge and skills.

  • Able to think of ingenious ideas that are relevant, pragmatic and sustainable.

  • Producing results right first time - all the time.

  • Working with discipline in a timely manner.

  • Having grace under pressure, particularly at times when others would be losing it.

  • Collaborative by nature, we're curious to learn, work and develop with like-minded people.

  • We are independent of any technology suppliers, meaning we can remain unbiased in our assessment of any digital solution.

What we do best

  • Impart our expertise and skills to help successfully drive forward your business or organisation in its transformation journey.

  • Unlock the value in your business through improving your systems and processes.

  • Provide a fresh and objective skilled review of your change programmes and portfolios to identify opportunities and maximise value. 

  • Develop your organisational strategy/ transformation plan.

  • Help with your change portfolio planning and change team strategy.

  • Track progress against your transformation plan and help to navigate to success.

  • Help to ensure your people are behind the change and that change is embedded in your organisation. 

Our Accreditations

Marbral Advisory qualified change managers project managers Jersey Guernsey Channel Islands

Our people are trained in the latest change management and project management methodologies and we continually invest in our people to enable them to achieve the latest industry and professional standards available on the market today.

Our Partners

Marbral Advisory partners ecosystem

Dayzero® is a Portuguese cybersecurity agency whose goal is to help companies protect themselves from cybercrime, reduce risks online, be compliant with European regulations and participate in the digital transformation of their operations, processes and business. Marbral Advisory has been working with Dayzero to create a Portuguese version of our GDPR Playbook Do It Yourself Guide™.

We've been working with the Project Management Cookbook for several years now to deliver the Project Management in 12 hours course to those seeking to learn more and apply the fundamental skills and tools of project management. 

Lean Six Sigma Training Ltd. has been supporting our Lean Six Sigma Academy with a range of engaging courses teaching the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma from Yellow through to Master Black Belt. 

TSG provides assurance and testing services, complemented by training and resourcing to organisations that are changing or replacing their IT and Business systems and are seeking to achieve implementation success in the quickest and most efficient manner with minimal impact on their people and processes. 

The Knowledge Academy is the world’s largest and most established provider of training courses globally, with extensive experience of providing quality-infused learning solutions - with the capability to deliver over 30,000 courses, in 1,200 locations, across 200 countries.

ProSolver Solutions look at improving both the quality and speed of daily problem-solving and their product ProSolver® offers a simple technique that all employees throughout an organisation can adopt to solve issues around process design, in fact any day-to-day business decision.

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Ways to engage with us


Change as a service

First class resourcing solutions to support organisations in their ability to outsource their change portfolio.

Capability support

We can support your organisation to develop and implement roadmaps, process mapping, sequencing and skills building.

Capacity support

We can supply you with the finest change and project management specialists for short-term assignments and for full project lifecycles.

Specialised thinking

We can help leverage the expertise for business-critical thinking in specialist domains, such as, change strategy development, service design and transformational thinking.