Bringing humanity to AI at the Barclays Frenzy

On 12 July, Marbral Advisory took part in the Barclays AI Frenzy in which we discussed how artificial intelligence is seamlessly incorporating itself into all aspects of our lives and how AI has a lot to offer.

We are incubating HumAIn Resources which works at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Human Resources and were privileged to be asked to join into this amazing event.  

If you're involved in any digital change you'll often find there is a tendency to focus on the technology rather than the people. The Age of Artificial Intelligence is right here, right now. We need to determine how robots will work for the human race – but how will we do this if we don’t know what they are and how they work? This talk focused on how being human in the accelerating world of AI is critical, both at home and at work. It looked at how we can design Artificial Intelligence with human kindness, and develop the skills for success.

Barclays has developed AI Frenzy events across the Eagle Labs allowing you to come in and discover, network and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. 

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