Is Blockchain still a bit of a mystery to you?

So we're told that Blockchain is BIG for business.

Great, but if you're not particularly techie then you'll no doubt be asking; "what is it?" and "how does it actually work?".

For the past couple of months we've heard these kinds of questions being raised a lot. So we decided to create the Blockchain Series - a combination of face-to-face workshops and a short e-Learning course.

We've already run workshops in Lisbon, Jersey (CI) and Malta, which have proved really popular with attendees.

The workshop was amazingly clear and concise. Definitely the right approach for new learners.
— — Avogado Fernandes, DCS - Sociedade de Advogados RL, Lisbon.

Get the lowdown on Blockchain in just 30 mins

The e-Learning course takes a tour through the strengths and weaknesses of this technology, how Blockchain works with popular cryptocurrencies, why it's essential to understand in our digital world of today, and how Blockchain can be applied.


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Marbral Advisory appoints experienced recruitment specialist