CMC Prosci® Practitioner Certification

Next Public Course: 26-28 November 2019, Jersey

This three-day interactive programme provides participants with the knowledge, skills and tools to drive and manage change in their organisations. It is designed for individuals responsible for managing change on a specific project or who are building change management competency within their organisation.

Digital Ethics

Next Public Course: 12th November, London - places still available

How do businesses stay in control of decisions in this age of automation? How might emerging trends like blockchain build trust between humans, or not? How do organisations ensure that right from the get-go they are embedding their ethical decision making in their organisational culture and aligning these with their values? Find out more in this one day workshop.

Data Ethics and Information Management

Data ethics is becoming an important consideration in the holistic management of an organisations' information management. This three hour workshop explores the background to Data Ethics Governance, considers the data ethics debate and the legal and philosophical issues, reviews existing regulation and standards and examines good data handling and frameworks for systems design and deployment.

Risk-based testing workshop

The workshop introduces key concepts behind risk management and how it should be applied to testing. The three basic stages of risk identification, risk estimation and risk mitigation are covered. The course is based on industry best practice and delegates apply the principles of ISO Software Testing standards.

Test Strategy and Planning

This workshop provides an introduction to designing a test approach and planning testing on a project. Based on industry best practice, the course includes real-life examples of projects. By the end of this course, delegates will be able to confidently determine the most appropriate test approach for the project. In addition, they will be able to complete a test plan for their project.

Blockchain Basics

Ever wanted to know what Blockchain is and how it works in the context of a business operation? We can deliver a two-hour workshop that teaches you the mechanics of blockchain, by paying a paper-based role-play game. Suddenly the benefits of this transformative technology will all become clear. If you book our two-hour workshop, you will also receive a heavily discounted offer to access our Blockchain Basics e-Learning course. This will allow you to build on and deepen your knowledge of this technology and how to apply it within your organisation’s processes.

Embracing change

Aimed at anyone facing change at work. Learn how to minimise negative outcomes by discussing the typical change transition process, and proactively apply planning strategies to create a greater sense of control in a changing environment.