Project Management Fundamentals

Project Management Fundamentals


Give us 12 hours and we'll show you the fundamentals of what you need to know to become an ACE project manager. Effective project management relies as much on a business doing the right projects as it does on doing those projects right. We have used expertise gained over the 20 years to bring you this information in the most condensed and readable format. To give you methods that stick, practical examples that you can actually use, and memorable case studies to illustrate everything.

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What’s included?

The online course is comprised of 12 online sessions that include workbook activities and templates:


  • Project Management skills assessment 

  • Project Management behaviour | soft skills assessment 

  • Project Manager Job Description 

  • Ideal project management keywords 

  • CV Template 

  • Interview questions and sample answers 

  • Stakeholder plan 

  • Stakeholder analysis 

  • Project Sponsor personal assessment 

  • Project Sponsor assessment 

  • Project initiation document 

  • Mind Map 

  • GANNT Chart 

  • Checklist for managing resources 

  • Issues Log 

  • Checklist for managing and mitigating risks 

  • Risk Log 


  • Six thinking hats 

  • Maslow and project management 

  • Kotter’s 8 steps for change  

  • Pareto Hypothesis 

  • Mitigating risk with CAPRAT 

  • Understanding the critical path 

  • Project Management triangle 


The course comprises of 12 sessions:

1 - Could YOU be a project manager?

2 - How to lead a team through a project

3 - All about stakeholders

4 - The Life Cycle and structure of a project

5 - Preparing the Business Case with the end in mind

6 - Planning the plan

7 - Creating the project plan

8 - All about resources

9 - Managing Quality, Risks and Issues

10 - A few crumbs about change management

11 - How to deliver on a project plan

12 - How to learn from your experiences for the next project

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