Business and Organisational Strategy

80% of leaders believe they focus more on defining rather than implementing strategy

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A strategy is the compass by which an organisation steers its activity, effort and resources. If the business strategy is poorly defined, does not consider the market in which it operates and is not followed or understood by its teams, it is destined for failure. 

Marbral offer experienced strategists who can support and harness success within your organisation by defining and writing a winning strategy or transforming an existing strategy into one that delivers true success. You might call it an end to end service, where we make strategy a reality.

Our strategy solution will enable you to measure the effectiveness and performance of your strategy. We’ll provide you with recommendations on how to build a successful strategy and guide you on the best way to fully embed the strategy within your organisation.

  • Tailored health checks to measure effectiveness, performance and awareness 

  • Industry-wide experience in strategy formulation

  • Bespoke programme designed to define, implement and embed strategy 

  • Skills transfer to harness maximum engagement 

Measure your strategy’s performance

  • Leverage core strengths

  • Navigate environmental factors

  • Steer towards your desired destination

  • Anchor your vision among your people

Implement your strategy successfully

  • Measure organisation-wide comprehension

  • Qualify if change programmes are aligned to your strategy

  • Align strategic priorities to business units

  • Review the progress of your strategy. Measure and track success.


Call upon expert advice

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Contact Leonie to discuss how Marbral can assist you and your organisation to write, implement and embed winning strategies.

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Define the components of a successful strategy

  • Define a strategy with people who know what good strategy looks like.

  • Position your values and strengths at the heart of your strategy

  • Build your strategy together to encourage understanding and ownership

Transform your strategy into a reality

  • Embed the strategy across your organisation

  • Align everything you do to your strategy

  • Develop new target operating models to support your strategy

  • Guide you through your strategy’s journey

  • Supply resources to help you achieve your strategy

Examples of how we have helped our clients with business and organisational strategy